VersionOne Plug-in for Eclipse

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Install the Plugin Locally

Use these instructions if you cannot install from our internet update site or prefer to install locally

  1. Unzip the file into a temporary location. We will refer to this location as INSTALL_TEMP
  2. From inside the Eclipse IDE, open the Install Wizard by clicking Help | Software Updates... | Find and Install
  3. Select "Search for new features to install" and click Next
  4. Click "New Local Site"
  5. Select INSTALL_TEMP/updatesite
  6. Change the name to "VersionOne Eclipse Plugin Updates" (without the quotes) and click Ok
  7. Ensure that only the "VersionOne Eclipse Plugin Updates" is selected and click Finish
  8. Select "VersionOne Eclipse Plugin Updates" and click Next
  9. Accept the license agreement and click Next
  10. Review the information and if correct click Finish
  11. When prompted select Install
  12. When prompted restart Eclipse


Select Preferences... from the Window menu, and navigate to the VersionOne settings as show in Figure 1, Configuration Options Screen


Enter the configuration parameters as specified in the table below and click Validate Connection to ensure that the add-in can both access VersionOne's API and authenticate using the supplied username and password.

Table 2. VSAddin Configuration Parameters
Parameter Description
Enable Allows you to enable/disable the Plugin
Windows Integrated Authentication Not Used
Application URL
Username User that will access VersionOne.
Password Password for the username above.