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  • Clicking on the Deficiencies tab will change the screen to the deficiency view. This displays a list of all currently existing deficiencies.
  • GetCurrentDeficiencies will provide the information required for this screen.
  • The selection of a currently existing deficiency should commence execution of the selected current deficiency.

Deficiencies - Current Deficiencies.png

Add New Deficiency

The selection of "Add New" will display a list of Deficiency Procedure/Asset Name available. Deficiencies that require assets selection will be noted as such. This is provided by the view GetProceduresDeficiencies.

Deficiencies - Add New - Deficiency Procedure List.png

Asset Selection

Deficiencies - Add New - Select Asset.png

Asset Selection Design Specification


  • Selected state shall animate from left to right.
  • Selected Counter near the title shall update based on the number of items selected in the list.

Deficiencies - Add New - Select Asset - Spec.png

Add New Deficiency Form

Deficiencies - Add New - Form.png

Side Navigation Open

Deficiencies - Add New - Form - Side Nav Open.png

Delete Deficiency

  • Tapping a deficiency and swiping it to the left will bring up a deletion confirmation dialog.

Deficiencies - Current Deficiencies - Delete.png

Delete Deficiency Confirmation

Deficiencies - Current Deficiencies - Delete Confirmation.png

Delete Deficiency Animation


Repairs Tab

  • When accessing the Repairs Tab, the list will be filtered by default to the Equipment associated with the deficiency.
  • The search field will always remain present at the top of the repair list.

Deficiencies - Repair Tab.png

Search Cleared

  • Utilizing the clear icon (x) will clear the search and populate the list with repairs related to all equipment.

Deficiencies - Repair Tab - Cleared.png

Repairs Tab Default Search Clearing Animation

SIP-Deficienies-Repair Tab-Animation.gif


Deficiencies - Current - Incomplete.png

Side Navigation Open

Deficiencies - Current - Incomplete - Side Navigation Open.png


Deficiencies - Current - Complete.png

Side Navigation Open

Deficiencies - Current - Complete - Side Nav Open.png

No Deficiency Types Available

Deficiencies - Current Deficiencies - No Deficiencies.png

Business Rules

  • If there are no deficiency types available, the message above will display and the "Add New" button will be disabled.

Design Specification

Deficiencies - Current Deficiencies - No Deficiencies - Spec.png

Production Assets

Design Guide

Mobile Design Specification

Interactive Prototypes