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Business Rules

Upon attempting to click/tap "complete" on a procedure while required fields have been left blank or do not meet validation criteria:

  • An error message below the procedure header will alert the user that there are errors in the procedure that must be corrected prior to completion. Errors include:
    • Incorrect data entry formatting
    • Required fields that are not filled out
      • Required fields are indicated by a blue asterisks
  • Fields that require attention will display their validation/error state
  • Swap Hint Text with Validation Text (if it has been entered in the widget properties panel)

Desktop View

SIP-Desktop-Validation Demo.gif


SIP-Desktop-Error Bar-Spec.png

Font: Verdana 11px Bold #FFFFFF
Icons: 16x16 #FFFFFF

Mobile View

SIP-Mobile-Validation Demo.gif


SIP-Mobile-Error Bar-Spec.png

Font: Roboto 16px Regular #FFFFFF
Icons: 22x22 #FFFFFF