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Previewer / Execution

Files can be added by either clicking on the Select Files button or drag and dropping to the widget.

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web.png

Attachment Widget with Files Added

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added.png

Drag and Dropping Additional Files

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added-DragDrop.png

Viewing Uploads

Double clicking on a file will open a dialog window containing the attachment.

Document Viewer

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added-Document Preview.png

Spreadsheet Viewer

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added-Excel Spreadsheet Preview.png

Image Viewer

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added-Image Preview.png

Video Viewer

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added-Video Preview.png

Video Play Bar

  • Video play bar shall hide once video begins to play
  • Video play bar shall only reappear upon hover and completion

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added-Video Preview-Playbar.png

Audio Viewer

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added-Audio Preview.png

Edit Properties Dialog

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added-Edit-Properties.png

Delete Warning

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added-Delete.png

Preview Unavailable Dialog

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added-Preview Unsupported.png

Design Specifications

Widget Specification

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Specs.png

Document/Image Viewer Window Specification

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added-Document Preview-Specs.png

Audio Viewer Window Specification

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added-Audio Preview-Spec.png

Spreadsheet Preview Specification

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added-Excel Spreadsheet Preview-Spec.png

Video Play Bar Specification

SIP-Attachment Widget-Web-Added-Video Preview-Playbar-Spec.png