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Access Create Feedback Screen

Help Menu

Global-Dialog Header-Help Menu-Dropdown.png

Help Menu Values

  • The Help Menu dropdown is accessed by clicking on the Help Icon.
Value Emerging Screen Notes
Create Feedback Create Feedback Dialog -
Help Content SAMM Help Contents -
Training NA -
Copy Dialog URL NA Copies the Deep link URL of the active Modal.
About About Dialog -

Create Feedback

General Tab

Create Feedback.png

Business Rules

  • Upon submission of a Feedback with a Task Code associated, Add the Library Item(s) that have that Vessel's Task Code associated to Related Items.
  • Vessel field defaults to respective user's vessel automatically.
  • Use standard "Unsaved Changes" dialog if "Close" is clicked on after changes have been made but not saved.

Footer Button Values

Footer buttons Action Emerging Screen Notes
Submit Submits the feedback and closes the dialog Feedback Submitted Confirmation dialog -
Close Closes the Create Feedback dialog -
  • Use standard "Unsaved Changes" dialog if "Close" is clicked on after changes have been made but not saved.

Field Options

Assign To

  • Default to null. 
    • Field is read only.


  • Selector default shall be null. 
    • Field is read only.


Note: Selections are displayed in alphabetical order.

Status Definition / Notes
Pending / Unprocessed
  • 7 Days = Flag
  • Feedback generated from Afloat or Ashore will have a default status of Pending.
  • Afloat status will switch to "Unprocessed" automatically when the Feedback is replicated Ashore.
  • Feedback entered Ashore will automatically update its status to "Unprocessed" after submittal.
  • Once status is "Unprocessed", it cannot be edited on the shipboard side.
  • The Activity tab will reflect the status change.
1.) Research -
1b.) Project
  • Used when item is a long-term effort; not a regular Feedback.
  • Manually Selected - User Rights Defined; Similar to T-Alts or CCSIs
2.) Drafting Proposal Indicated when Feedback is Associated to Proposal
3.) MSC Review -
4.) MSC Research
  • Currently is Research in the MSC Work Area
  • Record date it's put into research and use the input date to track the amount of time it takes to make a decision.
4a.) Revise Proposal Needs to be Re-Worked by Contractor
4b.) MSC Approved -
5a.) Implemented Note: User can filter on "implemented" items
5b.) No Changes Required Old Decline
6.) Archived -


Menu Options Notes
Class -
Fleet -
Vessel -


  • Value defaults to the user's assigned/associated vessel.
  • The vessel selection modal allows for a singular selection.
Vessel Selection

Create Feedback-Vessel Selection.png


  • The Type field by default is Null and the selection options are in alphabetical order.
Menu Options Notes
Ad Hoc Maintenance - Will not be available for user selection. This is auto-designated when ad hoc maintenance or equipment are created elsewhere, and an automatic Feedback is generated.
Cross Class Standard Item / Class Standard Item -
Equipment Add/Remove/Change -
Logbook/Shipslog Data Change -
Maintenance Procedure Add/Remove/Change -
TransAlt -Will not be available for user selection. This type of Feedback is auto-designated when TransAlt is executed and or completed and an automatic Feedback is generated.

SME Category

  • The user conducting the screening may set the SME Category.
  • NULL is selected by default.
  • The Tooltip for SME Category will display as "Subject Matter Expert".
SME Category Notes
NULL Requires a blank state because the field is not required.
Communications -
Damage Control -
Regulatory -

Equipment Tab

Create Feedback-Equipment Tab.png

Select Equipment/MCode

Admin-Feedback-Edit Feedback Dialog-Equipment Tab-Add MCode.png

Business Rules

  • When an equipment is added after clicking "Save" in the "Add Equipment Not in SAMM" dialog, the "Add Equipment Not in SAMM" and "Equipment Select" dialogs close. The application then returns to the "Create Feedback" dialog with the added equipment selected in the Equipment input field.

Equipment Not in SAMM

Admin-Feedback-Edit Feedback Dialog-Equipment Tab-Add MCode-Equipment Not Samm.png

HSC Select

Admin-Feedback-Edit Feedback Dialog-Equipment Tab-Add MCode-Equipment Not SAMM-HSC Select.png


Adobe XD 2021-10-22 15-38-10 3.gif

Attachments Tab

Create Feedback-Attachments Tab.png

Related Items Tab

Note: Add/Remove will be disabled while creating the feedback, but will become enabled in Edit Feedback.

Create Feedback-Related Items Tab.png


Upon clicking Save, the Confirmation modal will display. If the end user clicks on the "Edit Feedback" button, the Edit Feedback dialog will appear, which will enable the additional tabs.

Create Feedback-Confirmation.png