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Export Grid Modal

Export Grid Modal Window.png

Business Rules

  • Single or multiple rows can be selected from the grid and moved via drag and drop functionality.

Footer Button Values

Footer buttons Action Emerging Screen Notes
Save Progress Saves any changes that have occurred Saving Indicator Overlay Disabled until a change is made to the column names
Reset Defaults Resets the Export Grid back to default Resetting Indicator Overlay -
Export Exports the selected grid items into an Excel report Preparing Export Indicator Overlay -
Close Closes the Grid Export Dialog - -

Change Column Name Dialog

Export Grid Modal Window-Edit Column Name.png

Progress Indicator

VTL-Export Grid Dialog-Processing.png

Progress Indicator Examples

Value Example Notes
Save Progress Export Grid-Saving Indicator.png -
Reset Defaults Export Grid-Resetting Indicator.png -
Export Export Grid-Preparing Export Indicator.png -

Business Rules

  • When a user clicks on the Export Grid footer button "Save Progress", "Reset Defaults", or "Export"; a progress indicator will overlay over the Export Grid dialog if/when the action is taking longer than expected, the Progress Indicator will close when the action/task completes.
  • The database has a setting to limit number of records in main grid that can be exported.  If the number of records exceeds the current setting (5000), leave export button enabled, but upon clicking, the below error message will display:

Error Message

History-History Items-Export Grid-Error.png

Module Specific Export Grids


Machinery History

Machinery History Export Grid

PM Compliance

PM Compliance Export Grid

Afloat M&R

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring Export Grid

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance Export Grid

Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance Grid

Work Request

Work Request

Workbook Maintenance

Workbook Maintenance Export Grid

Ashore M&R


PMIA Export Grid


Availabilities Export Grid

Historical Items

Historical Items Export Grid

Library Items

[Library Items Export Grid]


TransAlt-Ship Export Grid


Access Requests

Access Requests Export Grid

Feedback Management

Feedback Management Export Grid

Role Management

Role Management Export Grid

Task Manager

Task Manager Export Grid


TransAlt-PM Export Grid

User Management Export Grid

User Management Export Grid


NON Conformities Export Grid


VTL Export Grid